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7 Simple Vastu Tips for Apartment and Flats

October 12th 2007 13:15
Category: Vastu
When you are building your own house on a plot of land, it becomes easier to consult a vastu consultant, take his advise on the architecture and layout and build a house in conformance to the tenets of Vastu. However, when you are buying a flat or an apartment house, you do not have that luxury. The only think you can do is to ascertain that the apartment is broadly in line with Vastu principles and then consult a Vastu expert to suggest and implement remedies for Vastu defects in the house. In this post I
cover simple tips which you should consider when buying a house which you want to broadly conform to Vastu.

1.Select a flat that has main door in the east or north or northeast or west of the northwest. Avoid the main door in the south or west of the southwest and east of the southeast.

2.Let the bedroom of the master to be in the southwest.

3.Let the kitchen be to the southeast or northwest of the flat.

4. Beds need to be the southwest corner without touching the western and the southern wall.

5. Always sleep with your head to the south.

6.Keep your valuables and assets to the central north room. Keep them in the southwest corner of the room. The door of the cupboard should
open towards north.

7. The height of the main door should be maximum out of all the doors.


Personalized consultation is a paid service. I offer Vastu, Astrology and Numerology Services over Email, Skype, Phone and Personal meeting. Please write me an email at

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8 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Anonymous

December 21st 2010 09:38
my home has main door at south,,, can u please tell me some remedies to it?

Comment by MaaUpma

December 21st 2010 10:25
Hi Pragati

Please note that personalized consultation is a paid service. If interested please write me an email.

Ma Upma

Comment by Buvana

October 10th 2012 06:07
Are there remedies to a south west extended plot?

Comment by MaaUpma

October 11th 2012 08:24
Dear Buvana

There are remedies for the same which requires a proper Vastu Analysis.

Please write me an email if you are interested it is a paid service.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by surya

January 9th 2013 19:38

Comment by MaaUpma

January 10th 2013 05:59
Dear Surya

You first look at it from Health and hygiene point of view before looking at it from Vastu angle.

Regarding Vastu, it is difficult to give guidance as it will require study of the building from multiple angles. Only a proper Vastu analysis by a qualified vastu consultant will help. Write me an email if you are interested in it.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Mark G.

March 8th 2013 20:38

My living room is in the S,SE corner of my flat. I have read several sites that state that the best location for the computer is SE. Does this mean to also face SE?

I have also read several sites that state while working, one must face N, E, or NE. I am currently unemployed, so I work at home on my computer looking for jobs and possible business opportunities..

One vastu consultant recommended that I place a small desk in the SE area of my flat and face the North. So I setup a small desk for now. I want to make sure and confirm so that I am not doing anything to conflict with proper placement.

Can you please clarify and recommend the correct placement? I appreciate your help.

Thank you,

Mark G.

Comment by MaaUpma

March 11th 2013 05:14
Dear Mark

It is always better to go with the recommendations and clarifications to the same Vastu Expert who has suggested you earlier.

If you are not getting results from him you should go for a paid consultation and for that you may write me an email.

Ma Upma Shree

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