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There was a Mirror facing the bed

January 13th 2008 22:42
Category: Vastu, Feng Shui

Two rings of my mobile were sufficient to make me awake from my post-lunch siesta. The caller was a lady from the neighborhood. She was a regular reader of Feng Shui columns in the newspapers and was in a state of utter confusion. Based on her knowledge of Feng Shui she believed that the reason for her recent frequent bouts of illness is the beam under which her bed was placed. While she was correct regarding the diagnosis – beams do feel heavy and make you uncomfortable when placed directly above the bed, but it was also the fact that the beam had been there for the last 10 years when she has been sleeping there and leading a perfectly
Mirror facing the bed
healthy life.

The beam was only 6 inches wide in a large bedroom. Another worrisome object that caught my attention was the long mirror placed on the wall right in front of the bed. It seems she liked to ask it every morning after waking up, “Mirror…Mirror on the wall…”

On enquiring I found that the mirror has been placed there just a few months ago.

A mirror in front of the bed is a strict no no as far as both vastu and feng shui are concerned. A mirror in front of the bed is not considered favorable since shadowy reflections of the night can cause distress.

I advised her to either change the location of the mirror or cover it during night by a curtain. Few weeks later she reported remarkable improvement in
Mirror facing the bed
her health.

Feng Shui advises separate place for different chores. The best place to place a mirror is the dressing room. In case the size and design of the apartment does not permit a separate room or a closed area for the same, place the mirror such that it is not directly facing the bed.

God Bless

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15 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by tlcorbin

January 14th 2008 17:40
So, ceiling mirrors are out as well? Here in the US, many houses have closets with mirrored doors, how should that be handled Ma Upma? Raven

Comment by MaaUpma

January 16th 2008 14:13
Yes Raven.. As an extension to the stated principle, ceiling mirrors are more harmful than mirror facing the bed.

If the mirror on the closet door is on the rear side of the door than no problem. Else it should be covered by a curtain when you are sleeping.

If the closet is placed such that the your image is not seen in the mirror when you are sleeping than absolutely no problem.

Hope that helped.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

January 18th 2008 07:28
can we have mirror by the side of the bed. It means to say when we sleep the mirror is next to my legs. can you please explain it indetail

Comment by MaaUpma

January 18th 2008 13:15

My next post will cover this in detail

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

May 12th 2008 17:43
What if my bed is facing restroom and restroom and a big mirror directly infront of us...but we are planning to cove the restroom with a curtain? would this be okay?

Comment by MaaUpma

May 13th 2008 14:42
Yes My anonymous friend. As long as the mirror is not facing the bed because of a curtain blocking it it is fine.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

February 8th 2010 08:52
What about the restroom mirror? Its in front of my bed, should I cover it?

Comment by

November 24th 2011 06:27
Dear Ma Upma

Please refer the attachment of my existing bed room, bathroom and balcony.

In Exisiting Layout

I have my bedroom in North-East corner of my West faceing house. Where my bed is in North-East, Steel Almira is in North-West and a Dressing Table is in West in which the mirror facing my bed.

Will you think that if i change the direction of my furniture it will help in building good relations with my wife and support in our saving to make us financially sound ?

In Layout Type A

I would like to change the place of Dressing Table from West to South and for Almira from West to North with opening door towards South instead of East.

In Layout Type B

I would like to change the place of Dressing Table from West to South, So that the mirror will not face the bed and for Almira from West to North with opening door towards South instead of East.

Request you to plesae provide your valueable inputs on this.

Comment by MaaUpma

November 24th 2011 12:07
Till the time you write your name in your comment don't expect me to respond

Ma Upma

Comment by Dipsy

January 22nd 2012 18:13
Lately I have been concerned about the position of mirror in my bedroom..the mirror on dresser in fixed wardrobe is slightly above the height of the bed. If you stand up you can see reflection of bed or people sleeping in it but when we sleep we do not see our own reflection in the mirror because of the height of mirror. Is this okay or it still needs to be covered.

Many thanks.


Comment by MaaUpma

January 23rd 2012 10:56
Dear Dipsy

If it is not effecting you or in relationships in anyway, please don;t bother to cover it.

Ma Upma

Comment by shobha

May 21st 2012 18:43
Your text goes hereYour text goes here
I sit in north west room to study, where we have dressing table between two wooden cupboards.
Does this affect concentration?
Also, me and my husband occupy south west bedroom, and have given north east bedroom with attached bathroom to my mother in law.
What should I do to enhance my career prospects.
thanks very much,

Comment by MaaUpma

May 25th 2012 12:17
Dear Shobha

I can definitely address your problems related to concentration and career prospects, but it requires a proper vastu consultation which is a paid service. Please write me an email at and send me the layout of the house.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

August 9th 2012 08:47
Respected Ma Upma,

I have gone through all the above articles & Q/A. I believe you will help me definitely. My married life just crossing 1.5 year and literally in everyday we are going to bed in a bitter mind that next morning we will be separate. But believe me or us we loved each other very much but don't know what happens to us once we returned to home after office. Things between us start changing once we are approching to my home & recahed. We behave so badly against each other that we are not friends rather enemies to each other. We continued to hating each others some times. But frankly speaking we don't have any...problems in between us.
Oh. why i am writing against this topic as because in our bed room there is a big Mirror with the Dressing table fixed on the wall. Our Bed room varandah facing east. Bed is placed along East west. Head is on east side. The Mirror is fixed on the West side wall & we are visible on the on the mirror itself. Could be a reson for creating negative attitude against us.

Expecting a reply from you.

Please advise.

With Best Regards,
S.Banerjee. West Bengal.

Comment by MaaUpma

August 10th 2012 12:54
Dear Bannerjee

That can just be one of the reasons but I suspect some vastu defect in the other parts of the house for this behavior.

If you are keen in resolving it I suggest we do a detailed vastu analysis of your house.

This will require you to work with me in details about the layout of the house and the directions.

Please let me know through an email at is you are interested. This will be a paid service.

Ma Upma Shree

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