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Green Dragon for Wealth and Networking

November 19th 2007 09:18
Category: Feng Shui
Networking is the keyword of this new century and Feng Shui can help accelerate the process of getting you in touch with the right person at the right time for the right opportunities. Not only networking is a great help in the corporate world, there are several professions which work solely on the basis of networking. Consultancy, Brokering, diplomat, spying, interior decoration are some examples of this.
Green Dragon
Green Dragon

Having a mentor is not an unfamiliar concept to ancient China. In those days, they believed that having an excellent benefactor is as good as enhancing one's luck in general. Similarly, in today's world, a mentor can bring you luck in your career. The assistance and encouragement that one gets influences the rate of success one achieves in a career.

And how can one attract a powerful mentor?

In Feng Shui, the four cardinal points of the compass are represented by the Black Tortoise, Red Phoenix, White Tiger and Green Dragon.

The Green Dragon represents Prosperity. His domain is the East, the location of the rising sun and thus a Yang location. The Green Dragon is considered the most Yang of all Feng Shui animals. It encourages the growth of plants on the East side of the home.

Dragons are not just Yang wealth activators, they’re also good for promoting power, status and authority. Hence, the East sector and direction has a long association with mentor-mentee
Green Dragon
Green Dragon


In Feng Shui it is believed that the green dragon is an excellent bringer of luck and so one must take every opportunity to display its image whenever one is able to.

Following are some examples how one can improve on his/her mentor luck:

Put on view a dragon image on the table, cabinet or wall on the East (wood) side of your office or study. This is where you do the bulk of your work and would surely need a mentor from. Your dragon may be ceramic, crystal or wood but NOT of gold, cloisonné, or metals. As per Feng Shui destructive cycle Metal will destroy wood.

If you have a dragon made in a bowl or vase you can try some of these in the East sector also.
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2 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Lilla

November 20th 2007 00:26
Dear Guru,

This is a very timely post for me and as such, offers some wonderful advice. The dragon has recently appeared to me in a meditation ... also, I have a metal dragon given by my monster-in-law (a dragon herself) *chuckle* and I never liked it because of the metal, now I know why it 'felt wrong.'

I will seek out a wooden dragon, or paper one, for the east office wall.

Wishing you dragon luck too,

Lilla ...

Comment by MaaUpma

November 20th 2007 04:10
Dear Lilla

I somehow have the knack of writing timely posts.

Hope your mon-in-law does not read this blog.

God Bless

Ma Upma

PS : Sorry for the typographical error (Just in case she reads it)

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