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Diamonds are Forever but not for everyone

October 8th 2007 10:15
Category: Astrology
Astrologically diamond is the gemstone of planet Venus. Venus is the planet of luxury and what better symbol of luxury and abundance than Diamond? Diamond has a special place in royalty and is the desire of all women to possess it.

It enriches the grace of wearier and makes them feel proud. It is the hardest stone which get shaped by the diamond cutter to bring forth its brilliance and beauty. As a jewelry it can be worn by anyone. However, as an astrological remedy only those who require it should wear diamond in a gold ring in the ring finger.

This post describes the astrological need of diamond for different moon signs.

(According to Moon sign)

The lord of Aries is Mars & Venus is its inimical planet. In Aries Venus becomes the lord of 2nd and 7th house which are considered disharmonious in the Vedic astrology. Diamond is not a gemstone for you.

Venus is the lord of Taurus. It blesses you with beauty, charming eyes, attraction in persona, health, security in terms of finance and profession. You can wear diamond in a platinum ring.

The lord of Gemini is Mercury and it is a friend of Venus. In this sign Venus becomes the lord of one of the trine houses, which indicates harmony in life. You can wear diamond along with Emerald.

Moon is the Lord of Cancer & Venus is its enemy planet. In Caner Venus becomes the Lord of property and profit house. You can wear diamond in the major or sub-period (mahadasha or antardasha) of Venus
in silver.

Sun rules Leo & Venus is its inimical planet. The combination of Sun and Venus indicates disharmony in married life. You should avoid wearing diamond.

Mercury the ruler of Virgo & Venus is great friends. In this sign Venus bestows you with fortune, finance and luck. It is auspicious to wear diamond in platinum.

Libra is governed by Venus planet. It enriches you with good complexion, youthful appearance, and charming expression, sexy and admirable in society. It will increase your name, fame, profit and longevity. You should wear it as your lucky charm.

Mars rules the Scorpio and it is the enemy planet of Diamond ruler Venus. In this sign Venus becomes the lord of expenditure house so you should avoid wearing it.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and Venus is considered as teacher of Demons (as per Vedic astrology); both are enemy planets but auspicious in their own sphere. In Vedic Astrology Jupiter is known as husband in female chart and wife is judged through Venus planet in male’s chart. In this sign Venus becomes the lord of profit house, you can wear Diamond in the major and sub-period of Venus to enhance your finances.

Capricorn and Aquarius
Saturn is the lord of both the signs and Venus is the true friend of it. In both the signs Venus becomes the lord of auspicious center and trine houses. You must wear Diamond with Blue Sapphire in platinum to encourage confidence, finance, authority, fertility, real estate property and fortune.

Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces and has rivalry with Venus. In this sign Venus becomes the lord of inauspicious houses which gives hurdles, lack of effort and knowledge and may cause accident. It is strongly recommended you should not wear diamond.

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22 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Krystal

October 9th 2007 09:21
I just love diamonds and as Marilyn Monroe would say, diamonds are a girl's best friend. I'd certainly love one as an engagement ring. You've shown us some beauties there I think you must have been born under a very artistic but creative and precise star sign.


Comment by MaaUpma

October 9th 2007 12:41
No crystal it is just the power of Google Image search. My creativity and talent lies in what I write in the posts.

Thanks for visiting my website and hope to see you more often

Ma Upma

Comment by Mountain Fog

November 7th 2007 14:30

I am an Aries, although probably not a typical one, not being too war-like at all!! (born 9 April 1956)

However, when I turned 21, I was given a signet ring, gold with a platinum oval top, inset with a star design in which was a medium sized brilliant white diamond, which once belonged to my Great Grand Aunt, who was over 90 when she died, in 1962(?) or thereabouts, so it was a very old piece of jewellery, (the original large diamond brooch was broken up).

This ring had stayed with me for 17 years.

The ring had fallen from my hand once, I had lost a lot of weight then. I put it back on, and it fell off again some months later, while gardening, but a friend found it. Then while gardening at another place, it fell off for the third and final time. Someone came over to help look for it with a detector, I suspect he found it and kept it, but could not say anything at the time, due to depression.

So, what is my perfect jewel?



Comment by MaaUpma

November 11th 2007 18:03

Looks like the diamond does work for you when you loose it you loose weight or go in depression.

Your perfect jewel can be given if you send me your birth details - date, time and place as a personal message

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

January 18th 2010 09:46
Maa Upma, Please accept my greetings and wishing you a very happy new year. Can u please let me if i can wear diamond. I was born on 7th Feb 1982 morning 9:20 a.m.

Comment by Anonymous

April 6th 2010 06:17

My birth date is 24 th August 1982. Can I wear a diamond ring for astro purposes with open setting.

Thanks in advance!


Comment by MaaUpma

April 6th 2010 15:13

It will require a personalized gemstone recommendation paid service.

If interested please write an email to me.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

May 17th 2010 04:23
Namaste, and Jay Shree Krishna!

Dear Ma Upma,

Please could you advice me on when it is the best date and time to wear the diamond on the little finger?

My Nakshastra is Purva Asadha the position of the star at birth was S(8), Deg(13), Min(20) and ruled by Lord Venus, Vim Dasha is 20

Janma Rashi is Sagittarius (Dhanu) 13 degrees 25' 53"

Janma Nakshastra Purva Asadha

Dasha at birth Ven/Ven/Ven

Dasha after birth is Sun/Sun/1/8/1990

Current Dasha is Marr/Mer/Jup

I am also not sure how I need to consecrate the ring, if this can also be advised please.

I also have to wear the coral ring on my ring finger, I don't have this yet

It should be worn on a Tuesday in the constellations of Mrigshira, Chitra, Anuradha or Dhanistha. If these constellations do not occur at the time required and it is important to wear the Red Coral then wear it on any Shukla Paksha (waxing moon period) Tuesday in the Hora of Mars.

I am not sure when that date falls in the english calender.

Kind Regards

Comment by MaaUpma

May 17th 2010 04:27
Hi Sanvi

Thanks for writing to me. Please note that personalized consultation is a paid service. If you are interested you may write me an email.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

August 26th 2012 10:41
I have one diamond ring(which i brought as and jewellery not suggested by astrologer),its a gold ring i wore it in ring finger of left hand but I have observered that first time when I wored many bad situations arrised but when i stop wearing it, situation became a littile bit good. Can you please guide me it there any criateria to wore it. Please reply me.I love to wore diamonds but because of this I am not able to wore.please reply ASAP.

thanks in advance.

Comment by MaaUpma

August 27th 2012 04:57
It is really interesting that you want to know the answer to your query and do not bother to write your name.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

August 29th 2012 09:51
can you please provide me answer to my query please following are my details if u require. DOB- 1-2-1986, time 3:9 am (night), place amravati, Maharashtra

Comment by MaaUpma

August 30th 2012 04:46
Please have the courtesy to write your name if you want answer.

Moreover, it is a personal question (not a generic one which benefits all) then please write me an email.

Personalized consultation is a paid service.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

August 30th 2012 05:56

In prevois comments i forgot to write name.
can u please give me ur mail id and what are the charges.


Comment by MaaUpma

August 30th 2012 12:01
Dear Neha

Please write me an email to

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by bhavana

February 15th 2013 18:16
My birth date 5th october 1981
time :8:20 pm
I am wearing diamond(my engagement ring )on my left ring finger.

I am currently jobless as i moved to US and getting into depression.

will i get job any time soon and be peaceful again?I have recently started wearing the ring so wanted to know if it was good enough for me to wear it.

Comment by MaaUpma

February 16th 2013 13:53
Dear Bhavana

Personalized consultation is a paid service. If you are interested please write me an email at

Comment by Sudhanva Joshi

February 28th 2013 20:28
Namaste Maa Upma,

I have purchased diamond ring for my fiancee as diamond suits her since her moon sign is Libra (Vishaaka Nakshatra)

Now, I would like to know, whether there is any astrological significance in the number of diamonds put in a ring?

Example: say, the ring has 8 diamonds & is there any rule that we cannot buy if there is certain number of diamonds in a ring?

Kindly clear this doubt.

Best Regards,
Sudhanva Joshi

Comment by MaaUpma

March 1st 2013 08:21
Dear Sudhanva

Unless I see her horoscope it is not appropriate to answer.

As written multiple times, personalized consultation can be taken by writing an email to me. The Email Address is given above just at the beginning of this page.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

April 18th 2013 11:39
Namaste Maa Upma,

What should be the minimum size of a diamond to be potential astrologically.

Please answer,


Comment by MaaUpma

April 24th 2013 09:54
I do not answer to readers who do not care to put their names in their comment

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Pallavi srivastava

February 13th 2015 19:55
My name is Pallavi srivastava. Dob sep 28 1984. Time of birth 2:38pm. Place of birth Allahabad Uttar Pradesh india. Currently living in usa.

I wanted to know if diamond suits me. Please tell me thanks.

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