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Can Fate be Changed?

December 19th 2006 05:21
Category: Spiritualism
Changeable Fate
Changeable Fate
In my Astrology Report, I always suggest remedies - performing rituals, donations, prayers, mantras, fasts to my clients to reduce the malefic effects of certain planets which are placed in their natal charts. Many of them after following and performing these remedies have benefited. Similarly in Vastu and Feng Shui, I suggest different cures for the house to bring in prosperity, harmony, good health, love and career growth.

When discussing these topics with a German friend, she asked, "Tell me, can fate be changed?"

I said, "No fate cannot be changed."

Her next question was, "If fate cannot be changed why do you recommend these remedies and cures in your reports. How will they change what is written in fate?"

To this my answer is as follows:

If one agrees that fate exists, then everything which happens in life is governed by fate. Every single incidence, success and failure is decided by fate. If this is true, than the name of the astrologer or Vastu, Feng Shui expert you meet is also fixed. Not only that, the time and place of the meeting is also fixed in your fate.

Whether the astrologer will be able to read your charts and recommend a remedy which will provide relief to your problems is also decided by fate.

In other words it can be concluded that astrologers and vastu experts like me act just as medium to bring you the benefits written in your fate.

I am always ready to act as the medium to bring you happiness and prosperity just like Santa Claus. Feel free to contact me at, who knows I am the conduit to change your fate or should we say, who knows I am the one who is the medium to make you realize your full potential as defined in your fate.

God Bless You !!
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Comment by Kleonaptra

February 8th 2008 10:03
I really like that answer.
I recently argued with a friend - I told her, despite free will, everything is destined. She told me Im just using that as an excuse to do what I want and get away with it.
I disagreed - Karma, choice and free will are always in the mix - also responsability. But I believe in Fate, Have to.
So, your answer makes perfect sense to me.

Comment by MaaUpma

February 8th 2008 15:59
Thanks Kleonaptra for agreeing with me.

I also meet many people who lower their efforts saying that they will only get what is destined. To this I say - You cannot pass an exam by stroke of luck you need to study to answer the questions correctly. Divine intervention will not get you marks with a blank answer sheet.

Ma Upma

Comment by pooja

September 5th 2008 10:28
Pranam maa ,
I dont know wht wong with me n my family , everything i do gets bad result, my education is incomplte , if i do job i try to give my best but no promotion n everything i need to quit the job for no fault of mine, my husband is also goining thru the same phase, can u plz tell me the remedy oe suggest any pooja for our good happy life,
my birthdate is 14/02/1981 time is 9.23 am, place is akola district in maharashtra
my husbands birthdate is 13/06/1973 time is between 10 to 11 .30 pm ( his mother says so) place is bhagalpur in bihar. can u plz help us . He is not getting promotion neither i m earing now we are in financial as well as mental trouble . plz help us.

Comment by MaaUpma

September 5th 2008 10:50
Dear Pooja

I will surely help you in this. However, this will require a paid consultation. If you are interested you may write a mail to me on

Ma Upma

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