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Best Directions for Sleep

December 22nd 2006 06:33
Category: Vastu
In order to get a peaceful and effective sleep, it is important to sleep in the right directions.

Vastu principles suggest that a person should sleep with his head facing the South direction.

Here is a vastu principle which is also scientifically accepted. Our body can be considered as a magnet with the head representing its magnetic north and feet representing its magnetic south. When one sleeps with head in South, magnetic fields from the head go towards to south of the earth and enters from the earth's north to the feet thereby forming a magnetic loop. This happens because in Magnetic theory, Opposites attracts and Likes Repel each
Best Directions for Sleep

While when a person sleeps with his head facing the north, magnetic field of the body and earth are not in harmony and this results in the disturbed blood circulation resulting in mental unrest and a disturbed sleep.

If due to the organization of the house, you are not able to sleep facing the south, then the best direction to sleep is East followed by West. Never ever sleep with your head towards to North.

Please feel free to ask your question on Vastu, Astrology, Reiki, Feng Shui, and Spirituality by way of a mail to You can also raise your query in your comments to posts in this blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you....


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80 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Anonymous

November 15th 2009 11:40
The head facing to the south is the head should rest in the North and the legs in the South?

Comment by MaaUpma

November 16th 2009 09:55
Dear Anonymous

How can that be? It is the reverse of what you have written. Head in South and legs in North

Ma Upma

Comment by Southern Hemisphere man

January 23rd 2010 06:36
I am a male living in the Southern Hemisphere - do I lay with the head to the south still? The Chinese system seems to operate differently dependent on the date and time of birth. Which would one use?

Comment by rolly

March 19th 2010 05:59
Hello MaaUpma,
I was reading for best directions to study and I found east , north or north-east. I am confused about direction.
what does it mean when it says study facing east ? I should sit in west so that I can face east or sit in east and look towards west ?

thanking you.

Comment by MaaUpma

March 22nd 2010 05:37
Dear Rolly

You are not alone in this confusion. Let me clarify for benefit of all.

When you are staying your face should be in either of these three directions - East, North or NorthEast. For this you may be sitting in the West of your room or better still in the North East Sector of the room and facing either of these directions. However, when you do this you will be sitting with the table adjacent to the wall.

Hope that clarifies.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

May 12th 2010 19:23
So the correct way to sleep suggested here is to put the head in north with legs in south. Is that right?

Comment by Anonymous

May 14th 2010 03:15
right where ever yo may be find yourself no matter what facing east

Comment by Anonymous

May 14th 2010 03:19
did i just answer to that? hahaha I meant to say head facing east for the most south never west or north..

Comment by Anonymous

May 14th 2010 03:24
So is that where lying down in the Southern Hemisphere your legs are at the south end of the bed and the head is at the north end?

Comment by MaaUpma

May 14th 2010 04:31
For benefit of all -

The head should be in South or East direction when sleeping whether in Southern or Northern Hemisphere does not matter.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

May 20th 2010 15:27
What if I have to sleep with my head on west and leg on east due to the shape of the room?

Comment by Anonymous

May 29th 2010 09:31
hi i have no choice but to place my head in the north. can u suggest any alternative remedy for that.when i bedroom door there is north wall opposite and thats where my bed is. due to lack of space i can reposition my bed. my feet face south wall. east is balcony and west are cupboards

Comment by Ailsa

June 2nd 2010 01:35
Is this head facing South principle the same if you live in New Zealand or is it the other way around?

Comment by Ailsa

June 2nd 2010 01:37
Sory I just read on - you have already answered this question, many apologies!

Comment by MaaUpma

June 3rd 2010 06:56
Several of my readers have posted anonymous comments (i,e, without writing their names at the end of their question).

Please note that I do not answer anon comments.

Ma Upma

Comment by Narayan

June 4th 2010 15:29
What if I have to sleep with my head on west and leg on east due to the shape of the room?

Comment by dr ruchi

June 4th 2010 15:31
hi i have no choice but to place my head in the north. can u suggest any alternative remedy for that.when i bedroom door there is north wall opposite and thats where my bed is. due to lack of space i can reposition my bed. my feet face south wall. east is balcony and west are cupboards

Comment by Anonymous

June 30th 2010 09:05
Different place diff answer !!! confused ..can u clear ?
As per u->
a person should sleep with his head facing the South direction.
----------------------------- ----------------------------
As per another web site---->
Sleep - One should never sleep having head towards the North Pole and legs towards the South Pole. However one may sleep having legs towards the West and head towards the East for mental peace, good thoughts and spirituality.

Comment by B S Srinivas

August 3rd 2010 16:16
Respected Maa Upma,

We stay in an appartment & in 2 of our rooms the beds are placed in such a way that the head will be on the south & the foot on the north. Is this correct ? In the 3rd bed room where my son sleep (who should be getting married soon), the bed is placed in such a way that the head will be on the west & the foot on the east ? Is it OK ?

Our pooja room is also placed in west in such a manner that the pooja room door & god will be facing east. Should we be sitting facing noth while performing pooja?

Also in 2 toilets, the commodes are placed in such a manner that when we sit to answer nature's call we face south & in the 3rd toilet we face west. Is this right ? If wrong, how could we rectify it without major work or expenses. (Like placing a mirror or something else.. etc) There is no room & way to move commodes to other directions.


Comment by Praneeth

December 1st 2010 03:52
A the comments are confusing can u pease cofirm if Head is paced at south and egs at north is the correct way to seep?

Comment by MaaUpma

December 1st 2010 04:01

Comment by Jaideep Mahajan

December 13th 2011 12:00
Maa Upma,

I can sleep with my head towards South East ideally or maybe South West.

Which do you suggest

Comment by MaaUpma

December 16th 2011 16:25
Dear Jaideep

If there is no other option than South East.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

January 5th 2012 17:53
maa uma

it's little bit confusing for me
1) we should place head in east and legs in west.
2)we should place head in south and legs in north.

so these are right method right.
we should see compass north direction or geometrical north direction.
And confirm me are these above methods are right way of sleeping maa uma..

Comment by MaaUpma

January 11th 2012 09:54

Comment by Basant

January 14th 2012 16:24
Hello Mam,
I sleep my head resting on south direction..I have heard that its a good direction for students...but recently m having problem with my mental peace and there is a sense of afraidness withinme.....but i know its just all in my head so what should i do??..should i change my direction?..if yes than which direction would u prefer....?
your's sincerely,

Comment by MaaUpma

January 15th 2012 12:54
Dear Basant

Though the information provided is nowhere conclusive to infer that the problem is due to sleeping in the South Direction, you may try sleeping with your head in East to see whether that helps you.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

February 19th 2012 15:53
Hi praneeth,

So what i understand from all these comments are head should be in south and leg should be in east position.


Head should be west and leg should be in north position.

Is it ok??


Comment by Anonymous

February 20th 2012 21:58

I'm little confused and will really appreciate your help. My house is situated such that it is aligned along South east. Our bedroom is on north corner, thus one wall on north east and one wall on north west. Should be keep our head on north- east (in north corner of house)?

Also our bathroom is in west, occupying north west an southwest walls. Is that okay.

Comment by MaaUpma

February 24th 2012 13:58
Dear Anonymous

I guess you are not expecting a response as you have not written you name after the question

Ma Upma

Comment by MaaUpma

February 24th 2012 14:00
Dear Ram

Who is Pranith?

Your question suggests that you sleep with the body bent as a right angle. If so please sleep straight with head in south and legs in north or head in east and legs in west.

Ma Upma

Comment by Goutam Ghosh

March 18th 2012 04:25
now i've understood.I should put my head on either south or east.

Comment by surinder

March 21st 2012 17:26
Hello maam,
If no option is available but to sleep in northeast head and southwest legs. Beacuse of the construction and bed space. How it affects.
Pls reply

Comment by Sunainaa

April 5th 2012 10:47
Hi Ma Upma,

I have heard that the head needs a wall support. But in my room I have wall on North and west and so I am not able to sleep with head in south or east direction.

Head in south or east is not possible as east has a window and south has no wall for support. PLEASE HELP.


Comment by MaaUpma

April 5th 2012 12:46
Hi Sunaina

The first priority is direction of the head when you sleep and second priority is the presence of wall.

If you have the headboard in the bed it should suffice if it is in the South or East direction.

Try to sleep like this and if you find any difficulty sleep with head in west.

Ma Upma

Comment by mituofo

April 9th 2012 07:45
just readed all messages from MaaUpma so much love and light in your heart ...i kiss your hands and your foots ...all my respect for you .Mother.

Comment by Bishay

April 9th 2012 14:43
What if the south wall of the bedroom is common to the toilet which is outside the room; Can we still point our head in south?

Comment by MaaUpma

April 17th 2012 11:16
An accurate analysis I will be able to give after studying the map of the bedroom

You can get the bedroom Vastu OK by me which is a paid service. If interested please write me an email

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by MaaUpma

April 17th 2012 11:18
Thanks Mituofo for your kind words

May God Bless You and all your near and dear ones!!

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by MaaUpma

April 17th 2012 11:44
Dear Surinder

In that case I will need to do a vastu analysis of your apartment. This is a paid service. The good news is that such defects can be corrected.

Please write me an email at and I will take it up from there.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Kedar

April 27th 2012 09:58
Respected MaaUpma,

We sleep with our head towards west. We do not have any other option, but to sleep in that direction. Will it harm us in any way?

Best regards

Comment by MaaUpma

May 2nd 2012 13:49
Dear Kedar

As long as there are no problems why worry?

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anshul Goyal

May 16th 2012 14:31
Respected Ma'am,
I live in a hostel. I can either sleep with my head in the SE or NW direction. Which one should I prefer. Also, kindly guide me about the preffered direction for my academic activities.

Comment by Rahul Gupta

May 18th 2012 08:08
Dear Ma Upma,

I live in a rectangular house facing SE. Both the bedrooms are also rectangular.

Alongside the NE wall 1st is the drawing room, then a bathroom and then my mothers room (length parallel to NE wall).

Alongside SW wall 1st is the kitchen, than my bedroom (breadth parallel to SW wall) and then the bathroom.

In my bedroom I have the options of sleeping with head in either SW or NW. Presently we are sleeping in SW direction but both me and my wife are facing the problems of sleep disorders. Please suggest remedies.....


Comment by Ullas

May 21st 2012 05:24
Hi Maam,

Head towards South east direction is OK?


Comment by MaaUpma

May 25th 2012 12:20
It's OK provided you are in the right zone of Sleep as per Vastu

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by MaaUpma

May 25th 2012 12:25
Dear Rahul

The sleep disorders can be because you are sleeping in the WNW or SSW zone of the house.

I suggest a paid vastu consultation which will help in getting the right solution to the problem without any structural changes

Please write a mail if interested.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by MaaUpma

May 29th 2012 11:58
Dear Anshul

You can sleep with your head towards SW in that case. You may study with facing west.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by sangeeta

May 31st 2012 06:49
If I have to place the headstand of the bed towards the north,will it be ok if I sleep keeping my head towards the south,i.e not sleep at the headside of the bed.

Comment by MaaUpma

June 1st 2012 12:17
Hi Sangeeta

It will be alright to sleep with head towards South even if the headboard is in North

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Prathibha

June 11th 2012 19:06

we have two options north east or south east.

Which is the best driection to lay our heads in?.

I.Head lying on south east

2.head lying on north east.

We have to have a mirror in the room too. Can this be on the side? I know our feet should not be seen in the mirror.

Comment by MaaUpma

June 20th 2012 11:59
Place your head in the South East while sleeping. For mirror refer to my article on Mirrors in this blog.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Sudipto

July 23rd 2012 10:29
We have the head board and wall towards North.
We have two doors in the bedroom one towards east and one towards west.

Can we still sleep facing our head towards south with the headboard and Wall at North.

Also we have a fixed mirror on the east in our bedroom.

Comment by MaaUpma

July 23rd 2012 14:32
You can sleep with head in South even if the Headboard of the bed is in North

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

August 7th 2012 15:17
we have two options for sleeping position. 1) Head facing South west, 2) North east.

Please suggest so that we can plan for our bed positions.

Comment by MaaUpma

August 8th 2012 05:44
Sorry I do not reply to ones who expect solutions to their questions without having the courtesy to write their names with their question

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Aryaman

August 20th 2012 09:17
Dear Ma'am,
I think you have missed one very important fact about the Earth's magnet. Actually North 'direction' (corresponding to the North Pole) is the Earth's magnet's South pole and South 'direction' is the North Pole of the Earth's magnet.
So, if we go by your theory of considering our body as a magnet with head meaning the North pole and feet meaning the South pole, sleeping with head towards the North direction keeps our body in magnetic harmony.
Kindly discuss on this.

Comment by MaaUpma

August 22nd 2012 10:45
Nice suggestion Aryaman.

The earth has two Norths. One is geographical north and another is magnetic north. When we measure direction with a compass we measure the magnetic north.

In the second paragraph if we sleep with our head towards north we are NOT in harmony with the magnetic fields of the earth as North repels North, that is why one must sleep with head in South

Hope that clarifies

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by velan

August 27th 2012 15:15
can we place our head in NE direction. we dont have any option. pl advise

Comment by MaaUpma

August 28th 2012 10:33

Comment by Vipin

September 22nd 2012 09:49
Respectable Ma'm

My bedroom in is south west side of house. which side my head should be during the sleep.
1) South west
2) South East

because I cant change my bed in exact position like head towards east or south. Only above Two option I have..
Vipin Tyagi

Comment by MaaUpma

September 28th 2012 12:53
Dear Vipin

Sleep with your head towards South East

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Pallavi

January 6th 2013 00:11
Hello Mam,
I have some major concerns with my job opportunities. I'm jobless from past 8 months. Also, I'm single and having major difficulties in finding right alliances. I suspect it's due to vastu faults at my rented apartment.
I sleep with my head in south west direction and there is an attached bathroom next to it for which I keep the door always closed after use. Also, my single wardrobe is placed on the northwest wall. There is a window on the northeast wall and a door adjacent to it. I don't have much options to replace my things and totally confused to set it right or correct it. Please help! Regards, Pallavi

Comment by MaaUpma

January 7th 2013 07:05
Dear Pallavi

It is very difficult to suggest remedies and even ascertain whether the problems faced are due to Vastu or Planets without doing a proper analysis.

If you are interested please write me an email at

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Karthik Kumar

January 14th 2013 05:05
Respected Madam,

My name is Karthik Kumar and my DOB is 28-01-1991. Can you please suggest me the best direction for sleeping.


Karthik Kumar

Comment by MaaUpma

January 14th 2013 11:53
The article covers the answer in detail.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

January 26th 2013 08:23

The bedroom is designed so that the head is to be placed in NE north-east. The other option is to somehow rearrange eleectrical wiring a bit and place the bed & head in SW south-west. Which one is better?

Comment by MaaUpma

January 28th 2013 06:35
Dear Sanjay

Is the current alignment (Head in NE) causing any problems?

If yes start aligning it to SW. That will be better.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Kajal

February 26th 2013 17:21
Hello Ma Upma Shree,

In which direction I should keep my head ?
I have two option NE or SE.

In second bedroom ,in which direction I should keep my head.
I have two option SW or NE.

Thank you,

Comment by Kajal

February 26th 2013 23:58
Hello Ma Upama Shree,

while sleeping in which direction should i keep my head.i have two option SE or NE.

in my kid room, while sleeping in which direction he should keep his head ,their is two option SW or NE.

SW or NE or NW or SE. IN these four direction which is the best direction we should keep our head while sleeping.


Comment by MaaUpma

February 28th 2013 05:44
Dear Kajal

Between NE and SE - Choose SE.

Between SW and NE choose SW.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Ami Patel

March 8th 2013 20:37
Hi Ma Upma,

We have master bedroom which is in SW of the house but the main wall is on north east side so if you try the best direction is south east for keeping head to sleep in south side as per vaastu. Is that ok to sleep on south east because no matter we tried but we don't get the perfect E or W or S or N. Also we have another bedroom is in southeast corner but can't change it for anything else which direction is better if the bedroom is in that direction? Please help !!

Thank you
Ami patel

Comment by MaaUpma

March 11th 2013 04:52
Dear Ami

One simple rule, if there are no problems do not worry about all this.

Won't be able to recommend without a proper Vastu Analysis.

If interested please write an email.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

April 26th 2013 17:07
Is it advisable to sleep with head towards south east ?


Comment by Madhu

April 30th 2013 09:51
Hi Ma Upma,
Our master bedroom is in north-east direction, we do not have any other alternative, my husband does not believe in all this, but it bothers me. please suggest me some other remedy than shifting the room... waiting for your reply...

Comment by MaaUpma

May 1st 2013 12:17

Comment by MaaUpma

May 1st 2013 12:23
Hi Madhu

If you do not have any problems due to it please do not bother like your husband.

If there is a problem please opt for a paid consultation by writing an email to me.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Deana

May 1st 2013 19:43
I can figure out what way South is in my home. I will make sure I sleep with the top of my head pointing toward the South.
Do I need to be exactly, perfectly, right on target with the position? As you would get by sitting on the bed while holding a cumpass and having my husband move the bed until the needle is exactly on the South line.
Does it really make a difference? If so, what type of difference does it make?

Comment by MaaUpma

May 6th 2013 10:39
Hi Deana

It need not be exact. Approximate will do.

Ma Upma Shree

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