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Coral for Strength and Valor

July 27th 2009 21:26
Category: Astrology
Gem Coral or Munga as called in Hindi, is governed by planet of energy, strength, courage, aggression - Mars. Mars also known as Mangala or kuja is the ruler of gem Coral. In general it rules blood and courage in the physical plane. Mars is the commander-in-chief of the planetary cabinet. It gives immense strength, valor, energy, action, anger, confidence and passion. It is the planet of work, effort, engineering, research and development.
Astrological Signficance of Coral

In general, Mars is a benefic planet for Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Aries & Scorpio moon signs. To increase the energy of Mars physically, emotionally and spiritually your life should be in discipline.

A weak Mars causes lack of energy, vitality, makes you fearful, unable to work and leads to ailments like cough, bilious complaints, small pox, piles, boils, measles and weak muscles.

Certain placement of Mars in a natal chart creates “Manglik Dosh” which is also known as Manglik patrika. Do not wear Coral in this state.

In Vastu Coral is used to clear negativity and bring protection of a place you live and work. It enriches relationship and harmony among dwellers.
Astrological Signficance of Coral

Here I am presenting the positive and negative effects of the gemstone - Coral on each sign. These predications are based on Moon sign.

Mars is the governing planet of Aries sign. It will give you name, fame, confidence, health and will improve vision to achieve success. You can wear Coral for life-long.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus sign which has enmity with Mars. You should not wear it as Coral can increase your expenses and can break relationship.

Mars and Mercury- the lord of Gemini are not friendly planets. You can wear it to attune your financial luck only if it is recommended by an astrologer.

Mars is an auspicious planet for Cancer sign and it is a friend of your ruling planet Moon. It enriches you with intelligence, fortune, name, fame, creativity, logic, and support from seniors, progeny and love luck. You can wear Coral in gold metal.

Mars is a lord of your luck, fortune, and grace from seniors thus becomes benevolent planet for you. It blesses you with peace of mind, harmony, property, vehicle, and makes you centre of attraction in parties. You can wear Coral in gold.

Mars is an enemy planet of your governing planet Mercury as well as it the lord of inauspicious house so you must avoid wearing Coral.

Mars is a pessimist planet for you so you should not wear Coral.

Mars has the lordship of Scorpio sign. It is good for self expression in life, honor, recognition, and career, strength to eliminate disease and enemy and to get peace of mind. You can wear Coral.

Devguru “Jupiter” is the lord of Sagittarius sign and a friend of Mars. You can wear Coral if it is recommended by an astrologer. Coral can increase your intelligence, creativity, progeny, name, fame, fortune and spiritual aspirations.

Mars becomes exalted in Capricorn sign but it is not a friend of ruling planet Saturn. You can wear Coral if Mars is placed in auspicious sign in your birth chart. It will increase your ability to acquire property, vehicles, and happiness through domestic events.

Saturn the governing planet of Aquarius sign and Mars are enemies. Mars is the lord of one auspicious and other inauspicious sign. You can wear Coral if recommended by an astrologer.

Jupiter the lord of Pisces sign and Mars are friendly planets. Wearing Coral will increase grace, fortune, luck, unexpected gains, spiritual and ethical disposition.
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24 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by ramanadk

September 10th 2009 09:00
Hi MaUpma,

Shoud scorpio wear the coral for life long. If so what should be fingure? What should be shape of he coral? Please advise me

Comment by MaaUpma

September 10th 2009 12:16
Dear Ramanadk

The duration to wear depends on the personal birth chart of the person. Coral is generally available in Oval shape.

For a personalized consultation please write to me on my Email ID. Please note that it is a paid service.

Ma Upma

Comment by ramanadk

September 10th 2009 13:25
do we need to wear in silver or gold?

Comment by MaaUpma

September 10th 2009 17:40
Coral is never worn in Silver. It should be worn in Gold in the Ring Finger of the right hand

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

September 11th 2009 13:55
Dear Mam,

I already purchased a coral and it is made by silver advised by my priest. I'm a cancerian. and he advised to wear it in left hand in my small fingure. Please advise.

Comment by MaaUpma

September 12th 2009 04:27
I do not reply to anonymous comments. If you expect a reply have courtesy to write your name at the end of the comment.

Ma Upma

Comment by ramanadk

September 12th 2009 04:52
Hi MaUpma,

I have been advised to wear coral in a goldern ring on my right hand index figure. I have been asked to wear hexagonal coral. My star is anuradha. I request you to please advise me.

Comment by MaaUpma

September 12th 2009 05:18
Dear Ramandk

As a good practise if you expect a reply please put your name at the end of the comment - in this case after thanks.

I am assuming you have been advised by a qualified astrologer. If so please follow the advise, why do you want confusion by seeking my advise when somebody has already advised you.

In case you do not trust your current advisor please opt for a paid consultation from me.

Ma Upma

Comment by ramanadk

September 12th 2009 05:30
Hi MaUpma,
Thanks for the reply. Since I saw your post asking us to wear the ring on the ring finger, I got a doubt if I can wear on index finger. Please clarify

Comment by MaaUpma

September 12th 2009 06:50
Dear RamanaDK

If you have got a personalized consultation from a qualified astrologer it ought to be more accurate as it is for you specifically and not a general post like this one.

I have written this post considering the general principles of astrology and my recommendations for you may be different than what I wrote here considering the positions of the planets in your birth chart.

Have trust in your astrologer and follow his advise.

Ma Upma

Comment by Parvez

November 5th 2009 14:46
I have been adviced to wear Coral and have seen some people wear Triangular and some capsule / oval.

What is the significance of Triangular Shape.


Comment by MaaUpma

November 6th 2009 04:45
Dear Parvez

There is not specific significance of Triangle shape in case of Corals. Wear one that suits your choice

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

December 14th 2009 08:46
Dear madam ,
As per an astrologer I met ,during a trave,l but couldnt get much information from him as he lwas busy ,he has adviced me to wear red coral.But iam confused about the quality of red coral ,i mean whether it is italian or japanese and the shape of coral ,triangular or oval or the the carat size.and which fingure it should be worn pls advice me.

Trichur,kerala ,India


Comment by MaaUpma

December 14th 2009 10:01
Dear Ranjeev

As long as the coral is natural (not synthetic) and of good quality you can buy any one of Japanese, Burmese, Indian or Italian.

For other details I will need to perform a study of the horoscope. This is a paid service and if interested you can write to me at

Ma Upma

Comment by Rani

January 16th 2010 13:35
Hello madam,

I was advised to wear a coral in my ring finger of right hand by a vedic astrologer, but I was not told what metal to use.

I searched the internet, and found two options - gold and copper. Which one is correct?

Thank you!

-Rani Upadhyay, Balasore

Comment by ramanadk

January 25th 2010 03:06
Hi Ma Upma,

Can we wear 6 carets of Coral? What should be the minimum weight.

Thanks and regards

Comment by Anonymous

August 1st 2010 19:02
dear madam,
i am told that i am manglik. i am wearing a triangular coral in my right ring finger. do mangliks have to marry only a manglik? what happens if a manglik girl marries a non-manglik guy? please reply

Comment by MaaUpma

August 2nd 2010 06:23
Hi Meghna

The answer to your queries will require a detailed astrological analysis of yourself and your prospective groom.

This is a paid service and if you are interested you may write an email to me.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

February 15th 2013 06:52
Namaste Ma Upmaji,

I have one doubt. Should men wear gemstones only on right hand. Can they wear on left hand also.

I am a Leo lagna. I am wearing Coral ring made in gold on my right hand ring finger. Somebody said I should also wear Ruby as it is my lagna lord. Can i wear ruby in copper ring on my left hand.

Please reply.

thank you

Comment by MaaUpma

February 15th 2013 12:37
Dear Madhu

why not ask the same question to the somebody who suggested you Ruby

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

March 22nd 2013 15:28
I am wearing a triangle shaped coral in a ring finger, but towards the direction of body, do I need to wear it outside of body? what is the difference between the point is inside and outside?

Thank you

Comment by MaaUpma

March 25th 2013 06:09

Comment by sunitha

April 9th 2013 12:43
Hi ,

I jst wanted ur advise if wearing a coral gold ring on index finger is alrite.


Comment by MaaUpma

April 15th 2013 12:08
Dear Sunitha

I suggest you consult for this question to your astrologer who has suggested wearing Coral ring.

If you want gem consultation from me, please write me an email.

Ma Upma Shree

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