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Yellow Sapphire: The Best of Gems

January 9th 2008 23:09
Category: Astrology
The ruler of Yellow Sapphire is Jupiter. An auspicious planet that is a spiritual teacher and it represents the husband in the natal chart of females. It is the planet of creativity, intelligence, religious rituals, spirituality and progress.

The yellow sapphire is regarded as the best of gems in the same way as Jupiter is the teacher of gods. Jupiter represents wisdom, religion in human life. Therefore it is such a gem which is worthy to be worn by all. The wearer of yellow sapphire gets the knowledge of law, ethics, wit, wisdom, pleasure of getting issues, worldly happiness, Para physical bliss, physical power, cleverness, long life, good health, food grains, prosperity, glory and mental peace. It is the most beneficial to the authors, writers, barristers, traders and
Yellow Sapphire

The girls in the family who have reached the age of marriage should wear yellow sapphire because it removes the delay in their way of marriage. However a spouse (husband or wife) should wear for a happier conjugal life. It helps to pacify the anger of its wearer by providing sharp sightedness. It strengthens the bondage of friendship. It shows its influence by removing the danger of accidental death.

Yellow Sapphire helps in focusing on what one wants to achieve in life. It energizes the concentration of mind and gives warmth to relationship. It is also used in healing various diseases like arthritis, heart attack, impotency,
Yellow Sapphire

In Vastu, Yellow Sapphire is used to attune positive energy, as an enhancer of wealth, peace and harmony. Jupiter is the lord of North direction, hence placing a yellow sapphire in North will bring positive results on the career front.

In general, anyone can wear Yellow Sapphire but here I am suggesting its positive and negative effects according to Moon Signs.


Jupiter blesses Arians with good luck, fortune, honor, recognition, spirituality and unexpected gains in life. Arians can wear Yellow Sapphire in the major or sub period of Jupiter.


The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, which is the enemy of Jupiter. Yellow Sapphire will create hurdles in work so those born in the Taurus moon sign should stay away from it.


Mercury is the governing planet of Gemini and Jupiter is its enemy planet. Geminis should avoid wearing a yellow sapphire unless recommended by an astrologer.


Jupiter is the friendly planet of Cancer’s Lord; Moon. Cancerians can wear Yellow Sapphire to get knowledge, power, grace, travel luck, favors from elders, spiritual energizes and progeny.


The ruling planet of Leo is Sun and Jupiter is very friendly with him. Leos can wear yellow Sapphire. It will bestow intelligence, love, progeny, pleasure, sport and recreation. It will become their guiding star whenever they are in need of any help.


For Virgos, Jupiter becomes a negative planet and they should avoid wearing it.


Jupiter becomes the lord of inauspicious house for Libra Ascendent so you should also not wear it.


The lord of Scorpio sign is Mars and it is a friend of Jupiter. By wearing Yellow Sapphire your wealth luck will get a boost. Yellow sapphire will bring good finances.


The Lord of Sagittarius is Jupiter which is also the planet associated with yellow sapphire. For Sagittarians, yellow sapphire is auspicious and beneficial. It brings in better concentration, mental peace, fixed assets, vehicles, good health and spiritualism.


For Capricorns, Jupiter is the ruling planet of an inauspicious house and an enemy of Saturn which is the ruling planet of the sign. Capricorns should avoid wearing yellow sapphire.


For Aquarians, Jupiter is the Lord of the Profits and Gains house. However, it is the enemy planet of Saturn which rules Aquarius sign. Aquarians should wear yellow sapphire only after consulting a vedic astrologer.


Jupiter is a benefic and ruling planet of Pisces. Pisceans should most definitely wear yellow sapphire. For Pisceans it will bring success, bestow with confidence, courage, emotions, patience, leadership, benefits from government, fame and good academic and spiritual intellect.


Personalized consultation is a paid service. I offer Vastu, Astrology and Numerology Services over Email, Skype, Phone and Personal meeting. Please write me an email at

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118 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by tlcorbin

January 10th 2008 01:04
Wow, I am going to plead with my missus for a yellow sapphire ring Ma Upma, very interesting. Raven

Comment by Anonymous

May 16th 2008 08:20
i would like to know whether the wearer of yellow saphire should'nt eat non veg. Does it make any effect.

Or can i remove the ring while having non veg.

Comment by MaaUpma

May 16th 2008 13:18
Vedas and Astrological scriptures do not recommend Non Veg hence there is no such statement in the texts. I suggest you stop eating non-veg on Thursdays. I am assuming that you are wearing Yellow Sapphire as per astroogical recommendations.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

June 11th 2008 03:26
What is the carat range for men to wear yellow sapphire is it 3.00 to 7.00 or what?

Comment by MaaUpma

June 11th 2008 12:45

There is no such rule of thumb for deciding the potency of the gem for men or women.

It depends on the positions and strength of planets in your birth chart.

I suggest you take a consultation from an astrologer for this.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

July 5th 2008 12:46
Recently I bought 2.47 cts yellow sapphire from a reliable source which is lemony yellow colour, how do i know whether it is heat treated or unheated stone. is it true that to get lemony yellow colour sapphire is heated and heated yellow sapphire is useless to the wearer.

Comment by MaaUpma

July 6th 2008 06:47
Heat treatment of gems increases their ornamental value but because heat also changes the refractive and chemical properties of the stone it is advisable not to use it for astrological reasons.

You can find out whether it is heat treated or not by getting it tested in a Gem Research Lab near your area.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

July 7th 2008 11:39
Namaste, I'm a scorpio (moon sign) with Aries Ascendant in the 1st house, My Jupiter is in the 5th House (Leo) along with Saturn & Rahu, I'm planning to wear yellow sapphire (5 carats), somebody said for aries ascendants, Jupiter influences 5, 9, 11 and 12th houses, and also said, that since, the 12th house (house of expenditure) is influenced by Jupiter, you should not wear yellow sapphire, in my chart, my 9 & 12 houses are empty and 11 house is occupied by Ketu, other house positions are 1st house (Aries Ascendant), 4th (Mars), 5th (Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu), 7th (Venus, Sun), 8th (Moon, Mercury).

Kindly advise if wearing Yellow Sapphire will have any adverse impacts since, Jupiter influences my 12 th House. People say, Yellow sapphire is one of the most HARMLESS stones

Thank You

Comment by MaaUpma

July 7th 2008 17:04

Kindly send the following details on my Email

1. Your Name
2. Age and Gender
3. Date of Birth
4. Time of Birth
5. Place of Birth


Ma Upma

Comment by Pankaj chopra

July 21st 2008 11:02
Dear :
My name is Pankaj R Chopra , My Birth Date is 15th Sep 1977 and time at 5.35pm and Birth place - Mumbai, I am having lots of problem releted to my career life and household day to day life. I need to know weather Yellow Sapphire will help me for my financial stability or any other suggestion from your end.

Awaiting your reply at the earliest.


Pankaj R Chopra.

Comment by ravi

July 21st 2008 14:56 lagna is karka....and date of birth is 27 apr1961, time-12.30 pm, bhagalpur( bihar) INDIA.
MY jupiter in 7th in makar and mars in 1st in kark is very weak...i have no luck in service or marriiage as both failed...although venus in 9th in pieces is exalted and saturn in 7th in makar ....i m always in anexiety, a way out....i m wearing coral red, pearl, yellow sapphire 5 carat....thanks

Comment by MaaUpma

July 21st 2008 15:30
Dear Pankaj and Ravi

Both of you will have to write me at (as mentioned in post above) to get a personalized and paid consultation to your individual problems.

If you are keen please write me an Email.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

July 24th 2008 07:20
please let me know how to identify the yellow sapphire
original or synthetic or heat treated ones

Comment by MaaUpma

July 24th 2008 15:11
The surest way is to get it tested and certified from a reputed Gem Testing Lab in your area.

Ma Upma

Comment by Vrushank

July 28th 2008 10:57
I am a taurian by moon sign and after my kundali 2-3 astrologers advised to wear a yellow sapphire for better prospects.

As u have told earlier yellow sapphire is not benificial for taurians.

so should i wear it or not .

looking forward to hear from you

Comment by MaaUpma

July 29th 2008 06:05
Based on this small information it is difficult to give an accurate answer.

Generally speaking Taurians should not wear Yellow Sapphire. However, based on individual's birth chart Yellow Sapphire can be worn. My husband is a Taurian by moonsign and I have made him wear a Yellow Sapphire.

Ma Upma

Comment by binu

August 7th 2008 04:17
My name is BINU PHILIP and date of birth 25/07/1982 and my star is LEO and i am thinking to wear this yellow sapphire gem mainly bcoz i have fallen in love with a collegue of my company and i have already told about this feelings many times but still she is not able to
understand my feelings to her and doesnt accept it but she is very good and even i know she decides things based on her parents only but i am madly in love with her and i need to know whether yellow sapphire helps me to attain my lover as i read in article also i attain a good pls do reply back


Comment by binu

August 7th 2008 04:21
continuation of previous

also i need to attain a better carrer position in IT which is better that today what iam so will yellow sapphire open my dreams.pls reply back


Comment by MaaUpma

August 7th 2008 11:20
Dear Binu

For individualized and personalized consultation please write to me your Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth at

Please note that this will be a paid consultation

Ma Upma

Comment by binu

August 9th 2008 03:57
hi this is binu, Thank you for your reply and just i wanted to known whether is my problem a 100% resolvable and will my partner starts to love me atleast, only i need this small thing to take place which is not possible directly and i am very sad so pls tell is this resolvable and will i be happy?

thank you

Comment by MaaUpma

August 9th 2008 05:44
Dear Binu

I am extremely sorry. The amount of deligence required to provide astrological answers and remedies to individual questions and problems is so high that a superficial and shallow effort from my side will not help.

Do write me with your details as asked in my previous comment if you wish to take up the consultation.

Ma Upma

Comment by binu

August 9th 2008 06:25
okay then wearing a yellow sapphire ring will help me to attain the girl which i desire is a power of this stone
as read in a article so far this is true?

thank you

Comment by MaaUpma

August 9th 2008 13:10

I am not sure what is your Moon Sign as I do not have the details.

Assuming that your Moon Sign is Leo as indicated by you, there is a positive chance of your finding love after wearing the stone.

Whether it will be the same girl or not I cannot say without doing a complete analysis.

All the Best

Ma Upma

Comment by binu

August 11th 2008 08:14

Comment by Anonymous

October 20th 2008 15:00

I am from the U.K. I am going to get married in November. I have been told by my in-laws that i need to wear a golden yellow sapphire on my right hand side on the index finger.

My main concern is i am Aquarius and reading your forum it says one has to consultant an astrologist . Which my in-laws have already done, but my parents also consulted a pundit and he mention nothing of a sort for me to wear a such ring. So i am really confused.

Please advice

Comment by Dhana

October 21st 2008 16:44
Dear MaaUpma,

I would like to seek your valuable advice as to when is the right data/time to wear yellow sapphire in rest of Oct 2008 or Nov 2008.

Please advice.

Comment by MaaUpma

October 24th 2008 11:23
Dear Dhana and Anonymous

This consultations can be provided as a paid service. If you are keen please send me an Email mentioning your Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth at

Ma Upma

Comment by Rae

November 19th 2008 14:11
Dear Ma Upma

Thank you for such an interesting article.

I was told by an astrologer to put on yellow sapphire ring or pendant and many website also mentioned about such ring and pendant. How about a yellow sapphire gold earrings? Does it works just as well?


Comment by MaaUpma

November 20th 2008 12:28
Dear Rae

Astrological gem recommendations when worn should be in a manner that the stone touches the body. That is why it is recommended for pendants and rings.

Doing the same in earrings may be difficult. Ask your goldsmith

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

November 20th 2008 13:15
Hello & regards with my best wishes to you,
i am sunil charan,i dont know the exact of my birth but i got birth at the month date 14 or 15 1973.

which stone will be suitable for me. & waht is the exact time of purchasing the stone & wearing the stone.

i will bw thank full to you for this favor.

sunil charan

Comment by Anonymous

November 24th 2008 03:32
My date of birth is 25th Feb 1979 and time is 9 am. An astrologer has suggested me to wear yellow sapphire of at least 3 carat which will prevent my delay in marrigae and help me to acheive a suitable future. Will wearing a yellow sapphire help me?
My sun sign is Aries

Sudipto Chakrabarty

Comment by MaaUpma

November 25th 2008 07:48
Dear Sudipto

Thanks for writing to me.

As you may be aware per this website, personalized consultation is a paid service and if you are keen in still taking the consulting. Please share with me your place of birth and your current profession on the Email ID

Looking forward to hear from you

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

March 21st 2009 09:36
I have read your article about not wearing yellow sapphire for Taurus rasi and gemini rashi.
I have taurus rashi and gemini ASC, but a astroliger told me to wear yellow sapphire for life time.

Comment by MaaUpma

March 22nd 2009 16:23
Dear Anon

I have made it a point not to reply to readers who do not identify themselves in their comment

Ma Upma

Comment by N Khan

March 23rd 2009 07:57
have read your article about not wearing yellow sapphire for Taurus rasi and gemini rashi.
I have taurus rashi and gemini ASC, but a astroliger told me to wear yellow sapphire for life time.

Time:08:45 am
Place Basirhat, West Bengal, India

Comment by Mukul

April 5th 2009 16:56
How we justify the Value for Yellow Sapphier 5 crt, because there is a wise range on internet from Rs. 1100 to Rs. 9500 per crt

Comment by Gauthem

June 11th 2009 00:16
According to my Hindu Rashi iam Makara rashi. So when i went to the Astrologer they advised me to wear Yellow Saphire on a Gold ring. Im wearing it now. But when i see this web, the English astrology sign for me is (Virgo) and it cautioned not to wear Yellow Saphire.

Whom i should trust ? Very confused.

My Birth Date: 21-Septhember-1980.

Please advise.


Comment by MaaUpma

June 13th 2009 05:35
Dear Mukul

Sorry for the late reply as I somehow missed the comment in April.

The value of any gemstone depends on the quality. If you wear one in the range of 1500 - 2000 Indian Rupees per carat, it should be ok. Just ensure that you buy it from a reliable jeweller who is known to give you a geniune gemstone.

Dear Gauthem

Gemstone Recommendations are based on individual birth charts and recommendations based on Moon Sign or Sun Sign may not necessarily work for you. If you have consulted a good astrologer there is no reason to distrust him.

Do not be confused and have faith in your astrologer.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anil's blog

July 1st 2009 11:49
Respected Ma' Upma,


I would like your advise regarding wearing a yellow sapphire as a pendant in a chain around the neck, and not in the index finger of the right hand.

I was advised by a well-wisher who is an astrologer that I have 'Gaja Keshari Yoga'. Therefore, to make this yoga strong and have good effects in life, I am advised to wear a yellow sapphire. I was told that wearing this gemstone in the index finger of the right hand would be good, but even wearing it in a pendant would be fine. I would just like to bring to your notice that I am already wearing a "Panchadhaatu" ring (ring made with five metals) for my good.

Kindly advise if I must remove this and wear a gold ring with yellow sapphire in that index ring, or would a pendant around the ring would be fine. I do not want to part with the "Panchadhaatu" ring, and it does not fit in any other finger too.

I am advised a yellow sapphire of 5-6 carats. I request and seek your divine thoughts and advise in this regard.

For your reference, following is my birth details:

Name is Anilkumar Hegde
D.O.B is 12/12/1975
T.O.B is 05:05 AM
P.O.B is Kumta, Karnataka

I await your favorable reply at the earliest.

My sincere respects, prayers and offerings to you,


Comment by MaaUpma

July 1st 2009 17:20
Dear Anil

Thanks for writing to me. As written on this page - Personalized Consultation is a paid service. Please write me a mail with the details and I will be pleased to help you.

You can find my Email ID at the top of this Page

Ma Upma

Comment by Kanishk singh

July 6th 2009 17:41

I am 25 yrs old guy I am going to wear yellow spahire..can you let me know if I need to wear the ring in right index finger or left....

Since I am already having ruby in ring finger n coral in little just keep my right hand a bit free I wish to put it in my left hand index finger..? is it ok or I need to put it in right hand index finger only

Comment by MaaUpma

July 7th 2009 05:59
Dear Kanishk

It depends how important is Ruby for you as per your birth chart. If wearing Yellow Sapphire is more beneficial to you than Ruby, please change Ruby to left hand.

A vedic astrologer should be able to help you after stydying your horoscope.

You can also avail the paid consultation from me if you so desire.

Best Regards

Comment by Kanishk singh

July 11th 2009 05:08
Hi MaaUpma,

Thanks for your early reply!!

Best Wishes
Kanishka Singh

Comment by Sadhika

October 24th 2009 10:38
Namaste Ma Upma!

I am 19 years old and a girl.

Recently, I went to a vedic astrologer who advised me to wear yellow sapphire on my index finger.

However, I have lost the consultation report and I also don't remember on which hand it should be - left or right.

Can you please shed light on this?

Comment by MaaUpma

October 26th 2009 06:04
Dear Sadhika

It should be woen on the right hand index finger on a Thursday morning.

Ma Upma

Comment by Sadhika

October 26th 2009 06:49
Thank you so much!

Comment by renuka

November 4th 2009 06:32
Hello Mam,

I was born on 19th Feb, 1983 tob- 02.05 AM. new delhi. some astrologer suggested me to go for a yellow sapphire. i have never worn any stone before this. what do u suggest. (im still unmarried)

Comment by MaaUpma

November 4th 2009 09:58
Dear Renuka

Personalized consultation is a paid service. If you are interested please write me an email at

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

November 14th 2009 04:01

What are your recommendations on Chandramani? I noticed that you haven't written any articles on it, like you have written on other stones.


Comment by Anonymous

November 14th 2009 04:17

1. Are left handers supposed to wear it on a different hand or finger?
2. Is it possible to have a very strong adverse reaction to wearing yellow sapphire? I started wearing it a month and a half ago, and since then some events have happened which could be interpreted as either strongly negative or strongly positive. My moon sign is Gemini and lagna is Scorpio.

Thank you.

Comment by MaaUpma

November 14th 2009 04:41
I do not reply to queries in anonymous comments

Ma Upma

Comment by Rajiv

November 14th 2009 06:38

1. Are left handers supposed to wear it on a different hand or finger?
2. Is it possible to have a very strong adverse reaction to wearing yellow sapphire? I started wearing it a month and a half ago, and since then some events have happened which could be interpreted as either strongly negative or strongly positive. My moon sign is Gemini and lagna is Scorpio.


Comment by MaaUpma

November 14th 2009 10:04
Dear Rajiv

Left handers can wear it in either hand. For most people yellow sapphire will not give extreme and sudden results - specially negative. However, for some specific combination of planets placement it may give extreme results

A personalized consultation will be recommendable.

Ma Upma

Comment by Monalisa Godbole

December 14th 2009 03:44
Dear Ma,

I came across your comments section through Google and have created an account with ORBLE only because I found your answers genuine. I need some information on the following and am hoping that your the right person!

In 2004, I was advised to wear a yellow sapphire ring in my left hand, by some family astrologer. The ring worked well with me but now, I can't wear d same ring [ been about 2 yrs now] coz I got fatter and older . so I made another ring last week to suit my new size. Suddenly out of no where, every1 is telling me to wear it in the right hand. I also read ur comments that said that it shud be worn in the right hand by girls.

I am a 27yrs old [female] and now pregnant and really want this ring to work for me, coz i've been going thru a difficult phase since 2009.

Please help me out my letting me know, as to what I shud do?
Wear it in the right hand or continue to year it in the left.

Depending on your answer!

Thank u in advance.


Comment by MaaUpma

December 14th 2009 10:05
Dear Monalisa

Generally it is worn in right hand and your advisors are correct.

For a more personalized answer I will have to study your horoscope which is a paid service.

If interested you can write me at

Altenatively you can try wearing it in left hand and see the result.

Ma Upma

Comment by ranjeeV

December 24th 2009 11:22
Dear madam,
I have been adviced by an astrologer to wear yellow saphire for good results in my life as per my birth chart and I have come across a burmese unheated natural yellow saphire .But i confused whether I can wear it for astrological purpose.I have heard Ceylon natural saphires are best quality .But my question is whether I can wear any natural unheated yellow saphires like from Africa,Thailand ,Burma ,etc . apart from Sri lankan for astrological purpose .waiting for your valuable advice,thank you madam.


Comment by MaaUpma

December 25th 2009 04:26
Dear Ranjeev

You can wear yellow sapphire of any origin as long as it is of good quality and untreated/unprocessed.

Ma Upma

Comment by ranjeev

December 26th 2009 06:06
Dear Madam ,
Thanks for your kind reply.I would also like to know what is the minimum carat as well upto what maximum carat can we wear an yellow saphire ,if it suits propely for a person as per his birth chart,so U mean i can wear natural burmese yellow saphire of good quality which is unheated/unprocessed and is it necessary to wear it golden ring or silver.thank you once again .


Comment by MaaUpma

December 26th 2009 11:40
Dear Ranjeev

Personalized consultation is a paid service. If you are interested please write me an email.

Ma Upma

Comment by Sanoj K.M

January 6th 2010 18:44
]I'm wearing yellow saphire ring on my left index finger.
Recently i heard in a tv show that ,if husband is wearing yellow saphire then wife should also wear same to avoid delay in pregnancy

please advice

Comment by MaaUpma

January 7th 2010 06:46
Dear Sanoj

A personalized astrological consultation is required to answer your question.

Ma Upma

Comment by pritish

February 12th 2010 17:38
hello maam,

i have recently acquired a yellow sapphire while on a trip to thailand. i wish to know if there is a minimum required carats for the stone to be effective. my stone is 1.4 carats.

name: pritish bhaskar saha
DOB: 9th march, 1985
place of birth: siwan, bihar
time of birth: 9.30 am
moon sign: pisceas

Comment by Anonymous

February 19th 2010 17:56

I am a 27 year old female and have been advised to wear the pokhraj ring. I like a specific design in which pokhraj is encircled by small diamonds. someone suggested that pokhraj should be worn alone (i.e. without diamonds or any other gems) if you are wearing it for astrological reason. is this true? please advise.


Comment by Prodip Dugar

March 2nd 2010 12:42
Dear Madam, I just want to know whether unheated greenish yellow sappire is good for astrological purpose or it should be avoided?

Thank you and I will appreciate your kind help in this regards,

Kindest regards,
Prodip Dugar
13 Manton Crescent
Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2 GD

Comment by

April 6th 2010 02:23

I am ravikanth, below are my details,

DOB : 15/03/1981
TOB : 8:30 am
POB : Kasimkota Visakhapatnam dt AP.

I am wearing yellow saphire, after wearing I feel it is very good lot of change i absorved,
Please let me know after preparing my chart by given details.

how will b my carrer and financial status wealt health and my relation with my life partner etc.

Thank you


Comment by MaaUpma

April 6th 2010 04:51

Unheated greenish yellow sapphire does have astrological use but only in certain combination of planets in the horoscope.


A detailed analysis will be required which can be done through a paid consultation. If interested you may write me an email.

Ma Upma

Comment by Manjl

April 11th 2010 05:04
Dear Ma Upma,

I am a Leo and wearing a Diamond of 29 cents in right-little finger in gold as mentioned by my jyotish guru and it has given good results too.

I am planning to wear a Yellow Sapphire(4.5 to 6 Carots) in my right index finger for better luck in future studies and job opportunity.

My question to you is that does Yellow Sapphire in Right-Index-Finger and Diamond in Right-Little-Finger conflicts for a Leo? As Venus and Jupiter are enemies as per my knowledge.


Comment by MaaUpma

April 11th 2010 08:59
Hi Manjl

Do not just go by the premises that Jupiter and Venus are enemies when deciding whether to wear the stone or not. A detailed analysis by a Vedic expert is required.

Since you have an astrology expert who guided you to wear diamond, seek his advise for Yellow Sapphire.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

April 13th 2010 15:18
hi ma brithday 10 decmber..can i wear yallow sapphire..which time or day..plz sugges me..thanx

Comment by Anonymous

April 13th 2010 15:21
hi ma name is brithday 10 decmber..can i wear yallow sapphire..which time or day..plz sugges me..thanx

Comment by MaaUpma

April 14th 2010 05:36

This will require a personalized consultation. If you are interested please write an email

Ma Upma

Comment by bishwajit

April 19th 2010 10:30
Your text goes hereYour text goes here
hi my name is bishwajit samanta. i m currently wearing yellow saphire as my jupiter is in 7th house (taurus). and jupiter mahadasha is going on.
my date of birth is 16/02/1989.
place=durgapur,west bengal
moon sign= gemini
sun sign= aquarius.
i am planning to wear red coral by next year. so do yellow saphire suit me?

Comment by MaaUpma

April 19th 2010 11:31

This will require a personalized and paid consultation. If you are interested please write an email

Ma Upma

Comment by Sameer

April 19th 2010 13:43

One question: Generally it is said that yellow sapphire is beneficial for all, irrespective of their astrological sign. But can someone with a libra/capricorn/gemini/virgo ascendant benefit from Yellow sapphire, especially if Jupiter is in the trines (5th or 9th house?) or kendra.

Please put some light on this.


Comment by MaaUpma

April 20th 2010 04:50
Hi Sameer

Thanks for the comment.

I may write a post on this in future.

Ma Upma

Comment by Pooja

May 9th 2010 12:40
Wearing a yellow in ring or pendant which is more effective.

Please let me know


Comment by Pooja

May 9th 2010 12:42
I am sorry for that mistake.
What I mean is wearing a yellow sapphire in ring or pendant what is more effective.
Is it OK if I wear it in a pendant


Comment by MaaUpma

May 10th 2010 09:10

It is best to wear it in a ring and is more effective. Only when you have certain medical reasons on not wearing it like allergy, infection, etc. you should wear it as a pendant.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

May 29th 2010 10:30
Pranam Ma'am
my name is varsha Singh and my Date of Birth is 14/09/1094 and time of Birth is 7.20 A.M. i hv bought 3 crt yellow sapphire on some astrologer recommendation.. which has some green shade in middle of the gem...and i m wearing it in silver made Your text goes herering in index finger because i wont be able to make it in Gold one....but i m noticing that since wen i wore it i am into unnecessary fight with people and always in anger..though there can be some other reason but guide me is it OK to continue wearing Yellow sapphire..........plz help me ma'amYour text goes here

Comment by Anonymous

June 16th 2010 17:33
hello madam,
i am sheik ibrahim,Gender-male, my DOB is 05-11-1980, place of birth is - Hasgul (Nizamabad District), Andhra Pradesh, Time-3:15 PM,
Iam keen to wear Yellow sapphire, i don't no whether it works for me or not, Kindly suggest me the best.

Comment by Ramesh Mahulkar

June 28th 2010 07:31

My name is Deepak Mahulkar and my DOB : 27/11/1982. I had purchased an yellow shappire which is dark colored yellow, is it good for wearing it. I am wearing in Silver.

Please kindly advise the same.


Comment by Mahua

July 12th 2010 15:22
Respected Maa Upma,

I am wearing Yellow Sapphire (4.5 crt) in my left hand index fingure for past two months. Should I wear it on my right hand index fingure? Also I am having mental disturbance due to fight with in laws for the past 4 years and relation with husband also affecting badly. Please advice. My DOB is 9th March, 1974. Birth time is 16:55 pm, Calcutta, Baghbazar.

Thanks and regards,

Comment by MaaUpma

July 13th 2010 06:34
Dear Mahua

Ideally you should be wearing it in right hand first finger.

Unless I do a complete astrological analysis I am not sure whether 4.5 carats yellow sapphire is right for you for the problems you have indicated in the comment.

I suggest you go for a personalized consultation which is a paid service. For that you will have to write an email to me.

Ma Upma

Comment by MaaUpma

July 13th 2010 06:36
Dear Ramesh

Yellow sapphire should be worn in Gold ring.

More than that I cannot say unless I analyze your horoscope in totality which is a paid consultation.

Please write an Email to me if interested.

Ma Upma

Comment by MaaUpma

July 13th 2010 06:39
Dear Varsha

I will not be able to commennt on the usefullness of the yellow sapphire in your case till I do a complete astrological analysis. Please write me an email if interested. Please note that it is a paid service.

Dear Sheikh

Gemstone recommendation is a paid service and if you are interested please write me an email.

Ma Upma

Comment by

December 20th 2010 11:03
my name is pawan kumar, born in baghpat up on 4 dec 1968 at 7.11 am, please let me how yellow sapphire will help me

Comment by MaaUpma

December 21st 2010 04:26
Hi Pawan

Personalized consultation is a paid service. Do write me an email if interested.

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

January 4th 2012 15:23
In which hand and should an unmarried woman wear pukhraj and which finger?

Comment by MaaUpma

January 11th 2012 10:04

Comment by rishi kumar

February 26th 2012 10:02
hello mine is capricorn rashi(moon sign) and karka lagna (cancer) .If i wear gemstone according to rashi it will be blue sapphire emerald diamond and if i choose cancer lagna ,I have to wear yellow sapphire coral pearl.

Now my question is whether person choose lagna or rashi gemstones to get benefits??

Comment by MaaUpma

February 26th 2012 13:41
Dear Rishi Kumar

Personalized Gemstone recommendation is given neither on lagna not on rashi but on the overall position of planets in your horoscope.

This is a paid service and if you are interested you may write me an email.

Ma Upma

Comment by piyush

March 15th 2012 18:41
hello mam,

an astrologer told me to wear yellow sapphire gemstone ring in index finger according to my horoscope
but the question is i have allready yellow sapphire stone which my dad used to wear it..
so should i wear tht stone or not?

Comment by MaaUpma

April 17th 2012 12:16
Dear Piyush

Please ask the astrologer who advised you. Why do you want a personalized consultation free of cost from me.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

May 12th 2012 13:43
dob is 05/02/82
time 11:15 pm
Place Porbandar

Please advise me what gems i have to wear.

Comment by MaaUpma

May 14th 2012 10:56
Dear Anonymous

I do not reply to Anonymous comments.

Moreover, personalized consultation is a paid service.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by sameer

May 30th 2012 13:53
DOB 15th july 1987
time 20 hours 0 min... ie 8pm
place andheri mumbai

moon sign : pisces
ascendent : capricon

M confused which gemstone to wear... pukhraj (yellow sapphire) or neelam (blue sapphire)...

kindly help me out

Comment by MaaUpma

May 31st 2012 05:13
Dear Sameer

As you know from this blog, personalized consultation is a paid service. In Gemstone recommendation service you will get recommendations on gems to wear, the procedure and duration to wear them and the precautions to take in wearing gemstones which I recommend.

Please write an email to me if interested.


Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Rajkumar

June 12th 2012 06:51
My Name Is Rajkumar Pillai My birth date is 23/11/1981 Monday 7:10 Am .( nagapattinam- Tamil.Nadu ). I bought a Pusphparaj below 4 Ct ( as was not able afford 4ct of Yellow Sapphire Stone studded in gold ring ).But what i noticed is that the very next day of wearing the pushparaj thing were upside down .i made a wrong trade in my currency and went into a very big loss ( which never occured to me before wearing Yellow Sapphire ) .I noticed that there is a small kind of crack in the stone .Whereas i had read that yellow sapphire which either cloudy or the one with crack both are not recommended .It was mentioned that if the stone is cloudy then the bearer of the stone's Thinking Capacity would be clouded :meaning the person would not be able to make right decesion's or judgement for that matter of fact . and would always have confusion regarding making any clear decision's.And the bearer of the stone with a crack in it will have Financial as well as Health Problems .But one more thing what i noticed is that not matter how expensive stone you try to buy but .Yellow Sapphire is either clouded or bears crack in the ring .Cause i saw a crystal Clear Yellow Sapphire Which costed around 40k .I was shocked how on earth can one pay such huge money for just a stone ( cost of making a Ring Apart ) i now ordered a Yellow Citrine stone from Ebay ( Loose Stone ) i carry the stone around with me .& i feel the stone to bring in much better results ( Mentally ) .Compared to Yellow Sapphire .Please suggest me what stone would help me financially ( Cause am in desperate need of Financial Betterment ).

Comment by Anonymous

June 12th 2012 18:38
Dear madam,

Is wearing a yellow sapphire of 2.2 to 2.5 carat effective or it is compulsory to be of more than 3 carats.

Comment by MaaUpma

June 20th 2012 11:49
Dear Vinay

This will require a gemstone recommedation analysis of your horoscope and it is a paid service.

Please write me an email if interested

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by MaaUpma

June 20th 2012 11:56
Dear Rajkumar

This will require a personalized astrological consultation which is a paid service.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

July 3rd 2012 13:50
Dear ma Upma,
My name is Priyanka.
i wore yellow Pukhraj in my index finger in right hand and then in left hand, it did not give me any benefit except mental anguish.

Now i wore the ring in the middle finger of my left hand which gave me a direction to start my own work.

I hope i made the right decision.

Comment by MaaUpma

July 4th 2012 06:04
Hi Priyanka

If it is working for you it is good. Since I did not consult you for it I can't say anything without a horoscope analysis

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Preethi

July 27th 2012 00:21
Dear Mam,

I was advised to wear the yellow sapphire, and i did wear it, but few days back it fell off from my finger and i lost it. Will that cause me a trouble or something?

Thank you


Comment by MaaUpma

July 30th 2012 05:34

Comment by Nita

August 8th 2012 11:46
Hello Mam

I used to wear a Pukhraj on my left hand index finger. I would like to start wearing it again, and would like to consult you on that. Can we exchange e-mails and discuss about this further? Kindly give me your e-mail address. Thanks!

Comment by MaaUpma

August 10th 2012 12:57
Dear Nita

My email ID is and you are welcome to communicate with me on it.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Mahendra Kumar Gupta

August 21st 2012 09:22
Respected Mam,
I am about to wear yellow sapphire. I want to know whether anyone can wear old yellow sapphire (already available) that is already worn by others.

Comment by MaaUpma

August 22nd 2012 10:41
Please ask this question to the astrologer who suggested you to wear Yellow Sapphire.

Do not wear it unless a qualified astrologer has recommended you.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

September 1st 2012 18:27
Hi, My name is tania
i have a few questions regarding the pukhraj.
Im wearing a yellow sapphire for almost 1 week now, but i bought the stone in 2007, but never wore it because i didnt like it (i was young)
1. can i wear the same stone now? there wont be any problems? i was told yellow sapphire is good for me (im an aries as per the hindu calendar). So far, ive not had any problems.
2. I noticed the stone is slightly cloudy and has 2-3 dots inside the stone (not very noticable, but its near the apex of the stone that touches the skin). Are there any negative effects? and if yes, what can be done. i dont wish to change the stone since its was expensive to buy.
3. How long before i can see/feel the benefits of the stone?
4. I have heard that the stone worn on left index finger makes the professional career better, where as the right hand index finger encourages a married life. Im a single 22 girl and im interested in my professional career, that is why im wearing it on the left index finger. My mother does the same, and she has a good career.
Is there any truth in this?

Any clarifications about the stone will be really appreciated.

Comment by MaaUpma

September 3rd 2012 12:33
Dear Tania

Several of the views written above are false - for example about the left and right index finger.

For a personalized consultation please write to me at Personalized consultation is a paid service.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Meenakshi prajapati

January 15th 2013 15:40
i m wear yellow pukhraj as suggested by astrologer but i m getting negative impact of wearing it. since i m wearing it . i m facing lots of problems which i never ever faced before. i just want to know that does yello pukhraj has a negative impact or not.

Comment by MaaUpma

January 16th 2013 09:44
Dear Meenakshi

Yellow Pukhraj can have negative effects depending on the position of Jupiter in your natal chart.

Please consult professionally with an astrologer like me and he/she will guide you. If you are interested in consulting me please write me an email. This is a paid service.

Ma Upma Shree

Comment by Anonymous

May 29th 2015 06:18

I was suggested to use yellow sapphire and I purchase a high quality one but while making it in a ring it got chipped off a little. But the maker said its okay to wear. Please suggest if there will b any risk in wearing such stone?


Comment by Anonymous

June 13th 2015 20:17
I am tula rashi dhanu lagna. 28 12 1975 06:35 AM lucknow
should I wear pukhraj or neelam or both or none?

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