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Mole Interpretations

October 17th 2007 09:41
Category: Astrology
In my last article on this topic, I had said that moles can be used for predicting about a personís life. Size, location and color of the mole are important in predicting about life.

In this post, I introduce you to predictions related to the position of mole in certain parts of the

On the forehead

Denotes Richness and prosperity; intelligent, reasonable and foresighted

On forehead on the right side
Denotes Fame and status

Between the eyebrows or on the edge of eyebrow
These people like travel and activity; tendency toward domestic instability

Outer Edge of Eye
Attractive, sexy, romantic, fickle, adulterous

Under Eye
Problematic love life

Talkative and colorful

Left Cheek
Denotes wasteful expenses

Right Cheek
Increase in wealth

Right Shoulder
Increase in fame and status

Left Shoulder
Quarrels and disharmony

Right Palm

Left Palm
Unnecessary expenses

Please note that interpretations based on Moles is not an accurate science and less accurate that vedic astrology reading of your birth chart. So take this with a pinch of salt.

Vedic Astrologer- Ma Upma


Personalized consultation is a paid service. I offer Vastu, Astrology and Numerology Services over Email, Skype, Phone and Personal meeting. Please write me an email at
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25 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Anonymous

July 22nd 2009 10:29
from childhood im struggling and still struggling...i have a mole on my right shoulder and right palm...?bt my life sux...

Comment by MaaUpma

July 22nd 2009 12:17

Comment by Asif

January 11th 2010 08:45
I have a mole on the middle of my right palm and just below the thumb, but i struggle with my debts as my biznez sank in the crisis in dubai

Comment by MaaUpma

January 11th 2010 11:56
Dear Asif

A more detailed analysis of your horoscope will be required. You may write an EMail to me if interested

Ma Upma

Comment by Anonymous

January 26th 2010 01:56
ma upma,
I have moles on my right arm below my elbow and 3 moles on the side of my left little finger. what does this mean? do you know the meaning of birthmarks?

Comment by Anonymous

March 21st 2010 16:50
if v remove any of the moles which r shown here, then will it change that particular behaviour?

Comment by MaaUpma

March 22nd 2010 05:26
Sorry friends I do not respond to anonymous comments.

Comment by Anonymous

March 26th 2010 12:34
hi sry to be annonymus but can u help me out i have mole in my private parts is it true tht if u have an mole in ur private parts u will be lucky in bed?just an s r no answer will suffice thnk u for ur time have a nice day

Comment by Anonymous

March 26th 2010 12:34
hi sry to be annonymus but can u help me out i have mole in my private parts is it true tht if u have an mole in ur private parts u will be lucky in bed?just an s r no answer will suffice thnk u for ur time have a nice day

Comment by madiha faisal

March 27th 2010 22:33
just light brown mole created month ago on my left palm what does it mean.

Comment by sukhvinder singh

March 31st 2010 09:56
Hi ,

i have a dark black mole on my right ear lobe. and also have 3 moles (in which 1 is dark black ) on the upper part of right feet.i mean to say that one is near to middle finger, one is near to hairy part of upper feet and one is near to toe.

what does it mean?
thanks in advance.

Comment by MaaUpma

March 31st 2010 10:32
Dear Madiha and Sukhvindar

Personalized consultation is a paid service. If you are interested you may write a mail to me.

Ma Upma

Comment by moumita

April 18th 2010 06:31
Your text goes hereYour text goes herei have a mole on my left eyebrow , it is big black and totally round, one generated on left leg it is prominent but round and small, one on the left cheek two finger away from my lips and digonal to it.
Thanx a lot if not all let me know of the first two atleast...........

Comment by MaaUpma

April 18th 2010 10:00
Dear Moumita

Personalized consultation is a paid service. If you are interested you may write an email to me.

Ma Upma

Comment by Asma

July 3rd 2010 00:43
I have one mole below my pink finger on right hand and one mole is near my thumb on left hand.
light brown in color. Let me know what it means?

Comment by neha

July 8th 2010 06:03
I hav a mole on d left side of my cheek,near d ear,on d joint of jaws.One mole on d top of my forehead in middle from where d mang is started.Plz..reply me what does it mean?
thanks in advance.

Comment by Anonymous

July 25th 2010 00:35
hi i hav 3 moles on my nose one in midle, second in left side and third on right side .what does it mean?

Comment by Anonymous

July 25th 2010 14:22
i have a mole at exactly at middle of my right palm ....what does it mean......please help me to find out .....

Comment by Anonymous

December 8th 2010 11:03
i am Ravikant Mohite from Aurangabad (Maha)

I have one mole on my right is good or not.also i forward you my bith of Details so please give me some advice.

Birth Of Date :- 15th Oct 1989.
Birth Time :- 6.25 Am
Birth Place :- Aurangabad (Maharashtra).

Q :-1) i am B.Com 2nd Year Passed Student.but from last 4 to 5 years i have came many problem in my education life. i would like to ask you, when will Stop this problem. ?

Q:-2 ) my basically Field is Account. & now i am doing Job In Travel Agency from last two year.but some time i want to become Accountant & some time want to Travel Agent. my some friend told me every time why r u doing Job in travel Agency,it is not our job in Account i am very confused please solve this problem & Which Field better for me.?

Thanks & Regards

Ravikant Mohite.
91 9604510666

Comment by MaaUpma

December 16th 2010 12:08
Hi Ravikant

Personalized consultation is a paid service. If interested please write me an Email

Ma Upma

Comment by ilakkiya

April 24th 2012 05:34
Hi mam,

I have a Green mole in middle of left palm since from birth, could u pls tell me what does it indicates.

Thank you...

Comment by MaaUpma

April 24th 2012 07:44
Dear Illakiya

Not all birth marks are moles. From the description in your comment this does not appear to be a mole.

Moreover, personalized consultation is a paid service.

Ma Upma Shree

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